Lightness of Being (2023)
lightness of being is a bilingual and bi-scriptual artist catalog. It is a collaborative project with Ruth Huang Xu, a multidisaplinary artist, including  compilation of experiences documented through writings, drawings, moving images, photographs, sculptures, textile, and archives close to her heart. 

Hard cover, 148 x 210mm, 120 pages.

Editor: Angel Huang, Ang Wei Jing, Lucretia Zhang, Michael Wang, Tony Zhao
Works: Ruth Huang Xu
Designer: Chloe (Thanh) Vo
Typeface: PP Editorial Old & PP Fragment by @pangram.pangram, and Tensentype JialLi ShuSong

Software: Illustrator, InDesign, After Effect, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic

Photo by Chloe Vo and Ruth Huang

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