Experimental Design (2023)
Basic Java/Processing explorations of generative typography. 

be kind

be kind is a poster that has an interactive background created in Processing using transparency, random, repetition, rotation to generate different backgrounds. By clicking on the poster, the smiley face and “kind text” randomly and gradually appear and layer on top of each other.
Posters sequence demonstrate how the poster works when interact by clicking the mouse.

Typeface: GT Maru Mega, ABC Arizona Flare
Software: Processing, Illustrator, After Effect


A playful typography experiment with different emojis of the word “hey” in English, Vietnamese and Nepali. Remix from Liang Qi’s sketch.

Collaborator: Akanshya Upadhyay
Software: openprocressing.org

sound visualization
An exploration of sound visualization using Call Me by Your Name soundtrack, Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens.  The graphic elements move by the sound’s amplitude input from both the music file and real-time surrounded noises.

Software: Processing

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