Aliens (2021)
Aliens is a brand identity for a music festival in Baltimore as a platform for Asian bands and solo artists to promote their music to wider audiences.

Music genre: various (indie/pop/rock)
Concept: expressiveness/spontaneity
Typeface: century gothic
Design prompt: build an identity system for a music festival. The deliverables include festival’s concept, name, logo, location, type system, posters, merchandise items, landing page website, environmental design, motion graphics for social media.

Mentor: Jeff Glendenning
Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effect

Problem: Until recently, when k-pop started to have more influence in the states, people started to give foreign songs more recognition. Before that, the majority of Americans mostly listen to English songs.
Objective: Holding a concert where unfamiliar bands and soloists from many country backgrounds share their stories and culture through music.

“Aliens” has double meaning: the foreigners (aliens) from other countries (outer space) come to (invade) the States to (with) share their exotic music.

The concept is expressiveness and spontaneity. The moodboard includes inspirational pictures with collages, brush strokes and ink drops with color accents.

The concept of expressiveness and spontaneity is best captured with the image of ink drops from the moodboard. By taking inspiration from this, Alien’s identity gets simplified through stages.

The simplified ink drop version is now applied to the logo and the typeface using the same idea. There are variations of the same letter throughout the whole type system to express the diversity of languages and genres. 

The hot pink color represents passion, joy, and refreshing.

type system

The custom typeface of Century Gothic with the ink-drop pattern appears throughout the rest of the concert identity. In addition, some of the same letters have multiple versions to express the diversity of the music festival.

At first, the posters are not balanced in distributing the information. One has all of the info, and the others are bland. After some iterations, the information redistributed equally for each poster to get a nice balance between the three:

1. photo of the artists, a tagline, and the logo
2. location and time
3. name of the artists

merchandise (tote/t-shirt)
The first version of the merchandise only has the logo of the concert on it, which is a bit too boring. The logo on the tote bag’s final design is replaced with the concert’s lineup to showcase the playful typography.

Likewise, the final design of the alien’s t-shirt has the graphic of all artists joining the show on the front and a small logo on the back.

festival pass

landing page

instagram’s story/ad

environmental design

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